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BulletProof Paint Colors

BulletProof Paint Colors – Choosing paint colors can be stressful, but these paint colors will impress anyone.

With thousands of choices it’s tough to figure out where to start. One of the hardest decisions to make when redecorating your home is what color to paint the walls, We’ve heard countless stories of clients who have painted rooms two and three times over because the colors never seemed right. These are some of color tips on picking paint.

SCM Design Group Lyndsey Lane vintage dining_edited_edited.JPG

You’re either a “white wall person or you’re not”

I find it to be “the perfect pure white” has to be not too warm, not too cold and without any funny undertones. I’ve painted entire houses in it because it’s so versatile. It works in any room, for any style and with any other color, making it the ultimate blank slate of luxury.

SCM Design Group overlay 5.jpg

Light Gray “go-to color”

Unlike blues, which tend to look juvenile, light gray works well with every other color, I find the light grays tend to be the new neutral, particularly silvers, and works well for both men and women. I pair that with warm beiges, topped-off with crisp white accents, no other color combo looks more fresh and inviting.

SCM Design Group Color trend fall 2014 - 22.jpg

"Modern taupe color”

It has to be not too grey and it’s not too brown “Modern taupe”, so it pairs nicely with warm and cool colors. Most recently I have paired it with dark grey and mustard accents, along with warm woods, and white trim. It is a fantastic shade for living rooms and entryways.

SCM Design Group Color trend fall 2014 - 2_edited.jpg

Special mention: “Kendall Charcoal” Benjamin Moore HC-166

It is a beautiful, deep, luxurious, grey. It’s not too dark, and has a sort of softness to it that makes it a great neutral for a living room, hall/entryway, bedrooms, or kitchens. I pair it with crisp, bright white trim and white accents that really pop against it.

Next time you need to pick a paint shade consider one of our bullet proof colors, . Even after you’ve spent days agonizing over which tiny paint chip to choose, you need to place some samples, trust in you instincts “what you don’t like “ and hold your breath and “overlap your design” never tray to “match to match” your furniture, floors, decoration or accents, Flow of colors, materials and textures, it will be the key.

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